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Recording vocals for your next single or album? Take your singing and vocal sound to an all new level with Kira's expert vocal production.

As one of the top vocal coaches in the world for over a decade, Kira is an absolute master with vocals. Come record with her for a your next single or album, and capture your absolute best vocals!
 Kira will work with you to craft complete vocal arrangements with lead vocals, harmonies, and stacks – then you'll record them with her expert ear guiding your singing in the studio. Tracks are delivered to your producer for mixing. Vocal coaching is available to prep for recording sessions and learn vocal parts as well if needed.

Full track production also available.

Book your session today and record
major label quality vocals with Kira remotely or in person at her new Austin, TX location!

Pro Vocal Production & Recording with Top Vocal Producer and Celebrity Vocal Coach Kira

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