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Top Celebrity Vocal Coach, Top LA Vocal Coach Kira, Best Vocal Coach LA, Austin, TX

Kira's world-class studio offers a full suite of elite music production services with our team of top industry professionals. Our focus is creating amazing music with positive artists (no explicit content) who are using their voices to change the world for the better. Our services include songwriting, music production, vocal coaching, vocal production and recording (can also refer to professionals for video production). Kira is also the founder of KINGDOM SOUND, a boutique Christian production company and record label.

Music Production, Songwriting & Artist Development

Music Production

Singles, EPs & Albums

Instrumental Tracks

Demo Production

Artist Development

Branding, Social Media & Release Strategy, Live Performance Coaching 

Man Playing Guitar


Singles, EPs and Albums

Cowriting or Custom Songs

Demo Production

Video Production

Music Videos

Live Acoustic Videos

Instagram & FB Content


Pro Vocal Production

Arranging & Recording

Vocal Coaching

Sound Speakers

Marketing & PR

Print & Publicity

Spotify & Youtube Promo

Instagram Building

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