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One of the top vocal coaches in the world, Kira offers top industry vocal coaching, pro vocal production, recording, songwriting coaching, music production  and mentoring. Sessions with Kira are power-packed and inspiring, and your voice and music will never be the same!

We believe music is a powerful way to uplift and inspire others, so we do not coach songs with references to sex, drugs, or alcohol – thank you for keeping all lyrics clean. If you'd like to work with Kira, please reach out on the form below. We look forward to hearing from you! 

  • Find your TRUE voice

  • Boost your vocal confidence

  • Build healthy, top industry vocal technique

  • Improve your range, power, tone and style

  • Create a seamless transition between your voices

  • Prep for auditions, shows or tour

  • Deliver stunning performances

  • Use your gifts to change the world for the better

Contact Top LA Celebrity Vocal Coach Kira | Book A Lesson

Contact us to book your first session or learn more: 

EVA Singer Essentials Poster - Top Celeb


Carly Rae Jepsen - top vocal coach
Michelle Khare Top Vocal Coach Kira Clients
Chris Colfer - Top Vocal Coach Kira Clients
The Voice - Top Vocal Coach Kira Clients
maggie lindemann  Top Vocal Coach Kira Clients
Vidya Vox -  Top Vocal Coach Kira Clients
Cory Monteith - Top Vocal Coach Kira Clients
Glee - top vocal coach LA
Amanda Brown - The Voice vocal coach
Cody-Linley  Top Vocal Coach Kira Clients
Heather Morris - top vocal coach LA
Grouplove - celebrity vocal coach LA
Sarah Simmons - top vocal coach LA
Damon Wayans  Top Vocal Coach Kira Clients
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