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Top Celebrity Vocal Coach, Top LA Vocal Coach Kira, Best Vocal Coach LA, Austin, TX
One of the top vocal coaches in the world, Kira is a master voice teacher, vocal producer, singer-songwriter and mentor who inspires singers to find their true voices, develop rock-solid vocal technique, deliver stunning performances, and break through all limitations to reach their full potential as Artists.
Kira's passion is
creating amazing music with gifted singers who want to use their voices to change the world for the better. Her world-class studio, now in Austin, TX, offers elite voice coaching, recording, vocal production, songwriting, artist development, music production and mentoring. Both local singers and artists from across the U.S. come to work with Kira and see their music soar to amazing new heights. Before moving to Austin, Kira coached at the highest levels of the music industry in LA for over a decade, where her celebrity clients included Top 40 artists, pop-star Carly Rae Jepsen, TV shows The Voice and GLEE, Hollywood actors, Disney and Nickelodeon stars, social media influencers and more.


An active singer-songwriter as well as top-industry vocal coach, Kira brings many years of peak performance coaching and world-class music education to her coaching. She is a conservatory trained musician, with a Masters from the Yale School of Music and Bachelors with honors from the Eastman School of Music.

About Top Celebrity Vocal Coach Kira | LA -> Austin, TX

Kira's extraordinary musical ear and intuitive ability to communicate the healthiest, most effective vocal technique in the industry make her an unparalleled asset in audition or tour prep, in the recording studio and in private voice lessons. Her inspiring and holistic coaching equips singers with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tools necessary to thrive in music.

Kira coaches clean songs in all popular genres: Pop/Rock, Broadway/musicals, Country, Christian, and R&B, and sees students from around the world in-person and online.

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