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Top celebrity vocal coach LA Kira
One of the top vocal coaches in the world, Kira is a master musician, singer-songwriter, vocal producer and mentor who inspires artists to find their true voices, develop rock-solid technique, and use their God-given musical gifts for good.
Her client list includes Top 40 artists, major labels and hit TV shows – as well as singers from all over the world.
Kira earned a Masters from the Yale School of Music and Bachelors from the Eastman School of MusicHer world-class studio offers elite vocal coachingvocal production and recording, and songwriting.

About Top Celebrity Vocal Coach Kira

After a decade of coaching at the highest levels of the music industry in Los AngelesKira became increasingly disturbed at the lyrics in the vast majority of songs... lyrics dedicated to promoting alcohol and drug abuse, empty sex, vanity, greed and death. She started to see the destructive effects this music is having on our youth... and it's prominent role in the anxiety, depression, addiction and self-destructive behavior in our culture as a whole. 


Seeking a better way in music, Kira left the darkness of the mainstream pop music industry for a better path. She is now an active Christian artist, worship leader and music producer, and continues to coach singers and songwriters who want to use their music to uplift others and glorify God. Her inspirational coaching arms singers with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tools necessary to thrive in music.

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