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It's easy to forget to drink water, but it's essential for singers. Avoid sugary beverages, alcohol and caffeine before performances or recordings as they dehydrate you and dry out vocal cords. Instead, stay hydrated with plenty of clean, filtered H20 starting the day before a performance or recording. Your voice will thank you!

This is the single best way to stay well at home and on tour... can't recommend it highly enough. Lypo-spheric vitamin C is an absolute must for every singer's tool kit, and amazing for your friends and family as well. I buy it by the case and take it daily. The book "Primal Panacea" by cardiologist Thomas E. Levy is an amazing resource about the miraculous power of high dose vitamin C. Buy on Amazon

Another fantastic form of Vitamin C that's very affordable and easy on the stomach too. I add it my daily water bottle and it's a great defense to help you stay well and in great singing shape year-round. These two forms of C are the only ones I recommend, as many lower quality products aren't nearly as effective. Buy on Amazon


Make sure to aim for 8 hours per night. Guitar players may be able to get away with less sleep, but your voice will show it if you aren't rested. So important, especially before shows and recordings!


Eat healthy and clean, with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables (preferably organic). Singers demand a lot of their bodies both on stage and off, so it's crucial to supply your body with great nutrients and avoid the junk!


Again, your body is your instrument. Make sure to keep it fine tuned with regular exercise. It keeps moods up, gives you great energy, and prepares you for the exertion on stage.


Nature is inspiring... a must if you're a songwriter. Sun provides essential vitamin D for great mood and overall health as well. Get out there as much as you can and enjoy. You'll come back to your music refreshed and inspired! :)


If you live in a dry climate or have the heater on in winter, your vocal cords can quickly dry out. I recommend running a quality antibacterial humidifier to help keep your voice happy and healthy. I prefer ultrasonic models with antibacterial properties (not the cheaper versions that may be actually pumping dirty air into your environment).


Remember to find time to rest and stay centered as well as work on your music and career. Musicians are passionate and often perfectionists with their art... but remember your friends, family, spiritual life, and fun too. Balance is essential for a focused, productive, happy and inspired life... especially in LA! Make choices that support who you truly want to be as an artist and person, and don't sell out or sell yourself short by doing things that don't feel right just to make it big.

Slippery Elm lozenges

Love these when throats feel dry! I like them especially on planes where the air can dehydrate you quickly.

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Your Body Is Your Instrument! Take Great Care of It With Pro Singer Tips From Top LA Vocal Coach Kira:
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