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Vocal Bootcamp 


Take your voice to a whole new level with world-class training with Kira in Los Angeles or Austin, TX... one of the hottest destination cities in the US! Bootcamps are completely customizable based on your current level and goals. Includes power-packed top industry vocal coaching with Kira, options for tour prep, audition prep, vocal recording, full song production, and video shoots for Youtube. 

Songwriting Bootcamp 


Take your songwriting to a whole new level with Kira at her Austin, TX or Los Angeles locations. Private songwriting bootcamps are  completely customizable based on your current level and goals. Includes top industry songwriting coaching, with options for recording, demo or full song production, music production, and live video for Youtube. 

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Want to take your vocals to a whole new level? Prepping for a tour or audition? Songwriting for your next single or album? Come train with one of the top vocal coaches in the world in an intensive bootcamp experience in Los Angeles or Austin, TX. Kira's artists travel from around the world to work with her in private singing or songwriting bootcamps, customized for each artist so you get exactly what you're looking for based on your goals. Artist development and mentoring available as well. Contact Kira to learn more!

   Bootcamp Options:

  • Elite Vocal Coaching

  • Vocal Production (full vocal arranging, recording and harmonies)

  • Vocal Recording

  • Songwriting

  • Tour & Performance Prep

  • Artist Development

  • Mentoring

   Add Ons:

  • Full Song or Album Production 

  • Live Videos for Youtube

Vocal Production & Recording


With over a decade in the studio with singers in Los Angeles, Kira is a master at capturing amazing vocal performances. An expert vocal producer, Kira will work with you to craft complete vocal arrangements with lead vocals, harmonies, and stacks. You'll then coach and record them with her expert vocal guidance. Tracks are delivered to your producer for mixing. Book your session today for major label quality vocals with Kira!

Vocal & Songwriting Bootcamps in Los Angeles & Austin with Top Celebrity Vocal Coach Kira

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