How much does top LA vocal coaching cost?

Top industry vocal coaching is a very different service than music lessons offered by most local studios. It is professional singer training: the most proven, efficient and effective vocal coaching out there perfected in high-pressure, demanding professional situations where it must work quickly and deliver amazing results. Proper vocal training actually saves money in the long run. You will learn the singing techniques used by top professionals to preserve vocal health and avoid costly issues later, and you will simply get much better, much faster. Many students say they improved more in a few hours with Kira than in years of lessons with other teachers. Contact Kira for info or to book a lesson

Why choose Kira for vocal coaching?

Often called the best vocal coach in LA, Kira is a conservatory trained musician, film composer, singer-songwriter, and active recording artist as well as master vocal coach. With years of peak-performance vocal coaching for high profile artists, actors, singers on The Voice, Glee and more, Kira has an extraordinary ear for music of all genres and a unique skill set and understanding of what it really takes to be an artist. Her training at Yale University and the acclaimed Eastman School of Music inspires her singers to craft truly amazing performances and gives her students the edge necessary to reach their highest potential --- in record time. Sessions with Kira are empowering experiences that give singers and songwriters the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual tools necessary to be a true Artist. Come see for yourself or read a few of the raves.


Where does Kira teach voice and songwriting lessons?

Kira offers voice lessons, songwriting, recording / production and artist development in Los Angeles and San Diego, as well as online via Skype.

How often should I come for voice lessons?

When working with a top vocal coach, people generally take one to two voice lessons per week, but some take as many as two hours a day, or several days a week, or as few as whenever they feel they need one, depending on specific goals (audition prep, recording prep, etc). Feel free to contact Kira to discuss the best fit for you.


Does Kira do vocal coaching for auditions?

Absolutely. Whether you are auditioning for a new band, agent, manager, singing role, The Voice, American Idol, or music school, Kira can help you choose songs and craft an audition performance that truly showcases your style, vocal ability and emotional range. Through hundreds of hours coaching Blind auditions on The Voice and with her students, Kira has honed the ability to bring out the very best in singers when it matters most.

I'm an actor... can a top vocal coach really teach me to sing?

Yes. Kira trains many actors who want to add the skill of singing to their acting resume or need to sing for a specific role. Singing is a wonderful way to add a valuable edge to your acting. No matter where you are starting, Kira will teach you the secrets to improving your tone, pitch, range, breath control, style and confidence. You will build your voice through specific customized exercises, then choose a group of songs to prepare that best showcase your voice so you'll have them ready when auditions come up. 

Can you give me some tips on vocal health?

Yes we can! Click here to see Kira's top vocal coaching tips on keeping your voice in great shape.

Frequently Asked Questions...
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